Shredding Paper

POP-O-PIES, Pop-O-Anthology: 1984-1993 CD

By David

Reissue of the Second (with Faith No More backing Joey up) and Third albums from Joe Pop-O-Pie as well as a '93 single and a pair of unreleased tracks from said time.  Alas, the original version of "Truckin'" and the rest of the tracks from "The White EP" are missing (licensing difficulties with original label 415 perhaps) but you do get the "slow version".  

Joe took the piss out of everything from hardcore clichés to musicbiz types to New York Shitty, injecting some Flipperish elements (said band also not known to embrace clichéd punk formula) into the music at times.  The later tunes actually sound like a pop-punk 45 slowed down to 33.  Not everything stands the test of time, and "Truckin'" MK I is missed indeed, but overall worthwhile.